OK ladies and gentlemen, after 2 weeks exploring the classes.
Here my recomendations:

PILATES: for those who want to feel the stretch and balance of body movements. Personally, I am not keen much for this session. MIND


BODYPUMP: yes you can burn up to 200 kcal within 45 minutes. Your whole body will be pumped up. This class is ideal for those who want sexy gluteus and beautifully curvy backside. It’s in my list once a week. And there are so many ladies and girls in this class. But it’s about fun time, isn’t it? BODY


YOGA: I highly recommend this awesome class to everyone. For what type of body you have, for what types of character you are, Yoga is for you all. Its movements are varied and so peaceful. I am 100% sure you will love it if you give it at least 3 times to try. Myself, I do 2 classes a week. MIND


CXWORK: you love your core? you want to get the abs look before summer hits? So here you go. Enjoy this 45 minutes class with great beats to work real hard on your core from top to toe. I also take this class twice a week. BODY


BODYATTACK: oh baby, this is the best. Burn up to 800 kcal in 1 hour. Can you beleive that? Go to find out yourself. I’m sure you just feel sweat and sweat cover your body and you will keep be craving for more. However, keep in mind that dancing steps are highly involved in this session. But God, the instructors for this classes are so fit and their moves are so oh la la. And yes I go once a week for this. HEART


JOGGING: now it’s time for yourself with the headphone on the weekend. Go for your best and surprise yourself with a higher acheivement every week. Trust me, you will love this Sunday session with this activity. HEART


CAUTION: Please do not do more than 2 activities a day. If so, your need 1 day rest before jumping to the next classes. And again, listen to your body, ease your mind and breath with your heart.

Good luck and enjoy your journey to the next level of Fitness :) x